Belated Birthday Card – Ms. Lucille Lite™

Product Description

Don’t Hate-on-Me because I forgot. Ms. Lucille Lite™ reminds everyone that just because the card wasn’t given on the “day-of”, it’s not the end of the world. Lighten up, and keep living! Ms Lucille Lite™ won’t let you waste your time focusing on a minor thing like forgetting a birthday.



+ 5 x 7 inch folded card
+ Hand embellished
+ Professionally printed on heavy weight card stock

+ Matching white envelope is included
+ Bible verse on the front: Psalm 34:13
***** “Keep thy tongue from evil” *****
+ Inside greeting: Hope your birthday was fantastic!



I created the Ms Lucille Lite™ character because we take ourselves and life too seriously. Ms Lucille Lite™ keeps it real and encourages us to lighten up and enjoy the moment.


bible-verse-on-card, Created Character, googly eyes, hand embellished, heavy card stock, Professionally Printed

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