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The Browns – Bobby, Mark, Craig, Patty, Debbie Kay

FAMILY: a journey to forever
I am thankful for my birth family! Growing up was loads of fun. We played a lot, learned a lot, and lived a pretty carefree existence. Our family circle consisted of the five of us, the neighborhood kids, cousins, school friends, and all the church kids. In our family, we were taught to:
1. Always stick together (support)
2. Love one another (even after fights)
3. Reach out and make a difference (focus on others)

The picture above was taken during a slightly younger season and Craig is no longer with us. However, we still maintain a strong bond, supporting and cheering each other. We’ve all learned that Family is greater than our birth family. Loving one another means that we pursue our passions and touch the lives of others in the process.

I’m still that kid who frequently goes against the grain and chooses not to smile and show teeth for the photographer. But I haven’t forgotten the 3 keys to a happy family as I continue to increase my family circle.

Whether I’ve met you at events, in your place of business, or on the tennis courts, we are family, and I promise to:
1. Support you
2. Love you more
3. Make a difference

…in everything give thanks -I Thessalonians 5:18 (NKJV)
Thank you to ALL my sisters and brothers for allowing me into your life!

P.S. The website is coming along. Just completed retaking greeting card pics and moving on to pics of the WordPearls™. I’ve begun posting some pics on Instagram and tweeting a little more – Deb_IYS.

It’s Your Season!!—Enjoy, Appreciate, Thrive

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