Be Good to Yourself

Yup, it’s true, we run around taking care of everybody else, and totally neglect the one person who is responsible for holding everything together—YOU! I am so guilty of doing this and then wondering why I have zero energy to enjoy life.

…Well, that “life” is about the stop – It’s time to create a life where you are good to yourself…

3 ways to celebrate YOU
1. Slow down and enjoy the moment
It’s a new year, and there are loads of things which must be done to achieve the insane amount of goals we set for ourselves. Instead of focusing on how impossible your monstrous to-do list is, take a lesson from my granddog, Greyson. Savor each moment, accept what is…stop and taste the snow in the middle of that unexpected Tennessee snowstorm.

greyson snowday

A little surprise snow for this Tennessee dog


2. Everyday, do one thing just for you
This may be a little hard because it means we have to place our desires over those of others, but you can do it. Schedule this time…set an alarm and do whatever it is that makes you happy, calm and fulfilled. Take a walk, read, dance, jog, pamper yourself, workout…find your “happy”. There’s no guilt in loving and nourishing you!

Deb tennis shoes

My “happy” time is jogging


3. Relax
Don’t stress, choose to relax and know that things will work out exactly how they are supposed to be. Here are a few tips to help you relax:
Think happy, positive thoughts:
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he… ~ Proverbs 23:7
Unplug and take a break from the cell phone, TV and any other gadgets:
…Quiet yourself and enjoy the Silence… it IS golden
Take a nap
It’s been said that napping can increase your health and productivity.

Note to Self - Relax

So, let’s start a new “life” of celebrating YOU!
Leave a comment below and let me know how this celebration is working for you.

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